New! Factory Town

Originally known as the Fulton Mill Village, Cabbagetown has a long and storied history in the annals of the Southern mill town. Intrepid guests will navigate this historic district’s past and present by: 

  • Walking along its narrow European-like streets and viewing unique forms of architecture that contribute so greatly to the neighborhood’s character;
  • Engaging with locally owned and family-run businesses along its 130-plus-year-old commercial center; and
  • Learning about the Fulton Cotton Mill and bearing witness to its place in Atlanta’s complex social, economic, and cultural web in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Historic Five Points: Atlanta at the Crossroads

Our Historic Five Points Tour transforms little- and well-known subjects and historical figures into compelling narratives through novel story-telling techniques. Five Points is both a space and a crucial turning point in time to navigate. On this tour, we’ll learn about:

  • The origins of Atlanta, its Jewish community and Coca Cola;
  • Analyze the notorious trial of Leo Frank;
    Explore Margaret Mitchell’s legacy and her enduring work Gone With The Wind;
  • Gaze at contemporary art works;
    and much, much more.

Exclusive! Roosevelt High School Tour

Gate City Tours, LLC is the only tour provider in Atlanta with intimate behind-the-scenes access to Roosevelt High School. This tour delves into the:

  • History of Atlanta’s public school system;
  • Its expansion in the 20th Century;
  • and the unique heritage and architecture behind this neighborhood jewel located on the National Register of Historic Places.

This tour is for private groups and by appointment only. Don’t miss your opportunity to explore one of Grant Park’s greatest treasures!

Custom and Private Group Tours

Are you looking to get out of the classroom or boardroom? Want to shake things up a little bit? Gate City Tours, LLC invites you and your group to play make in Atlanta’s cityscape. We offer customized immersive experiences that can:

  • Invigorate your conference;
  • Foster group bonding and team-building;
  • Enhance celebrations.

These tours are perfect for:

  • Corporate getaways;
  • Student field trips;
  • Youth, Church, or synagogue groups;
  • Adult groups;
  • and so much more.

Join us for and collaborate on your very own unique Gate City adventure!