Peachtree Street and the destruction that Union general William T. Sherman's troops inflicted on the Gate City in 1864 by George N. Barnard and first published in 1866.
7 Gone_With_the_Wind_Atlanta_premiere_1939
Premiere of Gone With the Wind at the Loew’s Grand Theater in Atlanta, GA on December 15, 1939 by Acme News Photos.

Gate City Tours, LLC

Historical Walking Tours in the Heart of Atlanta​​


Since its founding as “Terminus” in 1837, people have journeyed toward Atlanta as Gate City to the American Dream. Gate City Tours, LLC curates neighborhood-based tours highlighting the history and evolution of Atlanta and its Jewish community.

About Gate City Tours, LLC

Gate City Tours, LLC investigates the past and considers how its lessons apply to today’s world by embarking on inquiry-based adventures. Through novel story-telling techniques, we share captivating narratives that reflect key themes in Atlanta and its Jewish community. We foster curiosity and wonder, and we invite guests to play-make in Atlanta’s beautiful city-scape. We strive towards deeper understandings of the Gate City and all its fascinating complexity, the city that continually reinvents itself.

The Tours

Vice City Tour
Head on collision at Lakewood Speedway, Atlanta, Georgia, circa late 1930s or early 1940s. David A. Lennox, Jr. Photographs. Photographic Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.

Decatur St. heading east from Five Points has assumed many monikers denoting its unsavory side—Slabtown, Murrell’s Row, and “home of humanity” being just a few. Vice City explores the hard-living, rabble-rousing disrupters symbolizing a frontier town-transformed-cosmopolitan-metropolis on the one side. And on the other, a self-made aristocracy with a penchant for Victorian mores and values that closely guarded their provincial Southern capital’s image at any cost. The past and present play out in our journey and on Atlanta’s city streets.

This tour’s a little risqué, but don’t worry…we won’t tell your Bubbe! Unless she wants to join.

Roosevelt High School Tour

Gate City Tours, LLC is the only tour provider in Atlanta with intimate behind-the-scenes access to Roosevelt High School. Don’t miss your opportunity to explore one of Grant Park’s greatest treasures!

Custom and Private Group Tours

Are you looking to get out of the classroom or boardroom? Want to shake things up a little bit? Gate City Tours, LLC invites you and your group to play make in Atlanta’s cityscape with a customized immersive experience.


New! Factory Town

Originally known as the Fulton Mill Village, Cabbagetown has a long and storied history in the annals of the Southern mill town. Intrepid guests will navigate this historic district’s past and present.

Historic Five Points:
Atlanta at the Crossroads

Our Historic Five Points Tour transforms little- and well-known subjects and historical figures into compelling narratives through novel story-telling techniques. Five Points is both a space and a crucial turning point in time to navigate.

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