Frequent Asked Questions

While apocryphal stories abound illuminating how Atlanta received the 19th-Century moniker, Hill and Swayze’s 1862 Railroad Guide refers to Atlanta as a “a flourishing city in Fulton county, Georgia, known as the Gate City, from its being the grand center of all the railroads north, south, east and west. The situation is elevated, and remarkably healthy. It is one of the most native business cities in the Confederacy, contains several fine churches, schools, machine shops, and other improvements. Population about 20,000.”

At the critical juncture of three different railroad lines, Atlanta served as the most important regional launching pad, a hub for industry, commerce, and culture. Atlanta sits on a crossroads—north and south; history and memory; past, present, and future.

Gate City Tours, LLC highlights hyper-local history and narratives and contextualizes them within a broader social, cultural, and economic framework. In the most gripping veins of storytelling tradition, each and every tour is a journey that prioritizes a sense of adventure and entices you to learn more. Our tours are bold, challenging, and thought-provoking, which can be tailored for any age and all audiences.

Gate City Tours, LLC are suitable for and can be tailored to any and all ages; individuals, groups, and families; public and private schools; local Atlantans with generations-long pedigrees and tourists alike.

All Gate City Tours require appropriate clothing. More importantly, tours take place in an urban environment where participants must pay attention to their surroundings at all times. Tours are run rain-or-shine. 

At Gate City Tours, LLC, we strive for excellence. If you enjoyed your tour, please feel free to show your appreciation with a tip (and a positive review!).

If your or your group requires a different tour date and time, we will do our very best to reschedule your tour up to one year after the original agreed-upon tour date.